Monday, October 12, 2009

Nicole & Blaine: Wedding | Rochester, NY Wedding Photographer

This weekend was the last of the weddings for a while along side Chelse from EIEIO/Glow Photography!

We were in Buffalo this time which is fun because it's totally new venues, and this one was GORGEOUS! Samuels Grande Manor

As a 2nd shooter usually I get to hang out with the guys before the ceremony and get those group shots out of the way. I like to take a traditional one, and a casual one. The guys came up with this "Football" pose all on their own, haha. Love it!

It was really getting cold when the sun started going down, so the bride was wearing her dad's jacket before we started formal photo time. The image is a tad soft (meaning the focus isn't quite as sharp as it could be) but with weddings the moments happen very fast and I always opt to grab the shot vs. miss it because I'm adjusting my settings to be perfect!

I get to take the fun off-beat shots during formals!

They had a super cute fall theme including these pumpkin place holders, which we turned into ring holders :-)

Done with formals as it was turning completely pitch black! I love walking away photos.

The bride & groom had a choreographed first dance and it was adorable. It was also a lot more fun to photography since they did cute stuff like turn out towards us!

Nicole & her dad are both very sweet, and you can tell they have a very special relationship. It totally comes thru in this shot.

And it's fun to see the wide shot of what's happening while they're dancing- everyone wants to capture those moments!

It's been a crazy weekend, and a very busy week ahead! A newborn, 1 year old, another SENIOR, maternity, and engagement sessions all coming up!!!

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