Sunday, February 28, 2010

{ Sibling Portraits } Rochester, NY modern child portrait photographer

Sessions with little kids are always aerobic!! I finished off a busy week of shooting with this adorable brother & sister.

This handsome guy just turned 2, and if I was lucky he stayed put for exactly 3-1/2 seconds so I could take a shot! This one is almost an outtake since he's headed out of the frame but I just love how the super close composition makes the eyes shine!

I asked big sister if she wanted to sit on my super cool zebra cube and she was very excited! Yay!

Getting two busy kids TOGETHER for a photo is no easy task but we managed to get a few frames!!! (um, yeah that's a plastic hotdog he's holding there, lol)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

{ Newborn - 4 weeks old } Rochester, NY modern newborn portrait photographer

I've been concentrating on improving my newborn photography skills in the past few months, and really studying some amazing photographers who specialize in it. It IS a speciality by the way, to truly do it well. It looks pretty simple when you view a photograph, but getting the proper angle of support items, blankets, props and baby is really challenging!

Not to mention getting baby to fall sleep and stay that way! That's deceiving too... newborns sleep allll day right? Yeah, except when you take their clothes off and put them in front of bright lights!

But after a session like this one, I know it's so worth the effort. And it's one of my favorite little familes to boot. What a great day!

Newborn Baby Art at it's finest. Um, yes please, bring me more little babies to photograph!! Oh, and this little lady was almost 4 weeks old... blows my theory out of the water that it's only possible with babies under 2 weeks! So rest up mommies, then give me a call!

{ Privacy } Rochester, NY modern portrait photographer

I wanted to make a few comments about privacy as it relates to the images captured during your session. I am 100% committed to making every single session CUSTOM, and that includes the level of privacy you want for your images.

I have a public D'Marie Photography fan page on Facebook, and very soon after sessions I post a "first look" image there. If we are Facebook friends I will also tag you in the photo. And of course there is my blog here, where you get an extended "sneak peek" of a few more images a day or two later. Full galleries are always private with password protection.

I feel that the public glimpses are a service to my clients, and most would probably agree. I mean seriously, who wants to wait to see their images! But on occasion a client prefers some or all of their images to remain private for a variety of reasons. And that is not a problem in any way. I just need to know your wishes, so please don't hesitate to speak up if you have any special requests in this regard!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

{ Spring Classes } Rochester, NY modern portrait photographer

Are you a budding photographer? Looking for some one-on-one help with questions about starting your business or improving your skills?

I am teaming up with another photographer to offer (2) classes this spring:

  • Starting and running your business in NY State
  • Hands-on learning experience for improving your images

Class sizes will be limited so you can get the specific help you need and have your questions answered. Right now we are just trying to assess interest so please get in touch with me if you would like more information!

Monday, February 22, 2010

{ New Props } Rochester, NY modern portrait photographer

Hello my name is Denyse, and I am a prop addict! I'm always on the hunt for the newest thing I simply MUST HAVE for my studio and this week I added 3 more. Only photos of 2 for now... aren't they fun?? Can't wait to use them!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

{ 3 year portraits } Rochester, NY modern child portrait photographer

Working with kids keeps you on your toes! This little lady is the sister of a few past senior portrait clients, and she just turned 3. She fell in love with the big cream wing chair, and wanted her portraits done in that. ONLY THAT, lol.

I love how comfortable she got here showing me her fabulous new sneakers that are special because they have RED in them. (She loves red, can you tell? :-)

Tim & Ben were home during her session, and they happened to come downstairs in the next room... we could hear Ben through the wall clear as day saying his favorite word over & over again. "Ba ba. Ba ba. Ba ba." It cracked her right up and we got the best smiles of the day!

At the end of the session she said "This was fun, I want to do it again" and her mom said "oh, you do?" and her reply was "Well, not YET". haha.

little kids :: big personality :: lots of fun

Have a little person in your life? I'd love to meet them. Contact me to set up your session!

Friday, February 19, 2010

{ Maternity Portraits } Rochester, NY modern maternity photographer

This beautiful mommy-to-be contacted me a few weeks ago to schedule her session... she had a small window of opportunity because she lives out of state and would only be in town for the weekend. Friday's happen to be one of my shooting days so it worked out perfectly and we had an AMAZING session.

Trying out a new set up and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

We brought in hubby for a few - they can both ROCK a serious look!!

I'm going a little retro with an 80's acid wash coloring effect here.

It's great when clients have a few specific requests for their session, and this was one of hers. And special thanks to my friend Tina (who I've known since we were THREE) who is a fabulous seamstress and made this wrap happen for me. Very cool stuff here.

Even if you can work a serious face, you can't escape my studio without a few smiling shots :-)

Awesome to meet you guys, thanks for spending a few hours with me!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

1 Year Portraits & Cake Smash | Rochester, NY Child Photographer

Fact: photographer's are always behind on their own photos. LOL, sad but true. If you're a fan on Facebook you always the first glimpse, but for the rest of you, here is look at my little guy Ben's month long photo extravaganza, finally!

First we did some formals in his adorable button up shirt and jacket. Big thanks to the assistant who was tickling him while I was taking these :-)

And because my super cool motorcycle-riding aunt sent this Harley Davidson tricycle, we had to use that too. (He loves this bike & makes me push him all over the house on it since he can't quite reach the floor yet.)

And of course you know how I love my cake smashes!! Ben however, did not, haha. Funny thing about them, probably half of the kids that do one don't like it but you can't tell in the photos so they're still so cute!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

March Special

Start planning now to take advantage of the last winter special!!

Our Melon Bean portrait event last month was a big success so we're holding another one... FRIDAY MARCH 12th. Booking sessions from 10am through 2pm (with some slots already filling in)!

Contact me asap to reserve your spot!

Here are the details...

$45 includes: 30 minute session, private on-line gallery to view proof images about a week after your session, and a 10x20 custom collage. Minimum order requirement is waived for the event, and all prints & products are available at a 15% discount!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Trish & Dexter (part two) | Rochester, NY modern wedding photographer

Ok so a few more images from last month's awesome winter wedding!

When I'm acting as 2nd shooter, usually my job includes a few basic things.

Getting the great details:

Finding some great moments while Chelse is busy with other members of the bridal party (love this one of the groom... no posing needed, just a simple "hey Dex" got him to look and the rest was all natural):

I also act as assistant if needed for setting things up, holding a flash, helping with formals, whatever. But at this wedding I had a totally awesome additional job: the PHOTOBOOTH!

A simple backdrop and a few props... add in some creative, fun guest imaginations and you've got some adorable photos!!

Happy Friday everyone!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sibling Portraits | Rochester, NY Modern Family Photographer

This is another family from the Melon Bean Eatery event last month! Originally the plan was for these to be a surprise for their daddy, but I got the cutest email from mom when she saw her gallery...

"So stinken adorable that I had to send the link to my husband and, well... it's no longer a surprise! SOOOOOO CUTE!!"

So now I get to share a couple with you!

Despite my love for long rambling blog posts, lol, I'm sick once again with some sort of awful sinus cold so off I go to rest!!