Monday, September 27, 2010

{ Stephanie: Greece Olympia Senior Portraits Part II } rochester, ny photographer

Steph couldn't have had a more perfect evening for the outdoor portion of her senior portraits! Warm but not hot, gorgeous sunlight, and the leaves just starting to turn...

I love when I've been to a park a dozen times and still find brand new spots I never knew existed. Like this one, WOW!!

And a few more of my favorites from the day:

They're beautiful Steph, I'll let you know as soon as I have the gallery up for you!!

I'm feeling a little under the weather today so I'm going to rest! Have a great Monday everyone!

Friday, September 24, 2010

{ Elliott: West Irondequoit Senior Portraits } rochester, ny photographer

Since most of my clients are from referrals, senior portraits tend to come in groups from a few schools. Elliott is another West Irondequoit senior, the boyfriend of last week's adorable Francesca!

Mom and Franny came along to his session, but he made them wait in the sitting room, haha. It was a good strategy because he was nice and relaxed!

We did a few shots of them together... it's your time, you can use it however you want!

Once again the prop-shot is one of my favorite.

A suit doesn't have to be stuffy, this shot rocks!

Love your images, can't wait to show you the gallery!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

{ Brian: Odyssey Academy Senior Portraits } rochester, ny photographer

It's been the season for Odyssey, by far the highest number of seniors from there this year! I asked Brian how he found me; he said he looked through his friends images on Facebook and whichever logo he saw the most he was booking with. That was me, yay!

Brian came to his 45 minute session with 4 outfits and a slight aversion to getting his photo taken, lol. We struck up a conversation about our love of skiing (or snowboarding in his case) and our travels to Switzerland and he relaxed, making for some fabulous images!

Love the color of this first shirt!

In this next set there are actually (2) different shirts... I didn't believe he changed when he came out in the second one, haha. One is blue with white, and one is white with blue :-)

We finished up in a great casual hoodie. Love the shadows in this black & white conversion.

Thanks for hanging in there Brian, it was worth it, your images are great!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

{ Francesca: West Irondequoit Senior Portraits } rochester, ny photographer

I really love blogging and giving each session a meaningful sneak peak while sharing their story. But this is the height of busy season and I'm already behind on getting this posted (I'm sorry Francesca!) and it's the kind of week where I'm so exhausted I fell asleep on the floor while putting my son to bed tonight.


Soooo I'm going to get right to the photos! This first image IS Franny, so happy and sweet and bursting with positive energy.

Thank you so much for coming in, I loved having you!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

{ Jake: Odyssey Academy Senior Portraits Part I } rochester, ny photographer

I met Jake a few months ago through my step-daughter Hannah, and we soon figured out that I took his sister's senior portraits a few years ago. Small world!

Now it's Jake's turn. We ventured down to the beach about an hour before sunset one evening for his session. Normally that's perfect, but a storm was moving in and it was crazy windy, a bit chilly, and we were losing sunlight fast. Most sessions at the beach revolve around the bath house and sand, but Jake wanted to check out the pier and lighthouse which was a great choice. We're calling this Part I because we weren't able to finish his session that night due to the light. More to come soon.

But for now here are some of my favorites!

Soccer stuff first:

It took us a long time to get all the way down the pier because I kept getting distracted with spots along the way I wanted to use.

Finally we made it. It was entertaining to watch all the boats try to head out on the choppy water, only to turn around before making it out of the channel!

The sky changed again for just a few minutes on the way back down the pier - it was so awesome!!

Part II will be in the studio or by the Ferry Terminal, yet to be decided!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

{ Andrea: Greece Olympia Senior Portraits } rochester, ny photographer

The last of the Olympia girls this week! Andrea was in Friday night and came with (3) outfits... all some version of black & white. That's actually fun because we can add different pops of color with backgrounds and props!

This is such a classy shot.

Man can she rock a serious face or what!

Andrea was totally bummed when she found out she had to go back into braces for the 2nd time, the summer before senior year. So she prefers to smile without showing her teeth, but let me take a few shots of that beautiful smile.

I love the power in this shot... it looks like some kind of ad in a magazine!

By the end of the session sometimes I can get request a series of goofy shots and not get a strange look, lol. Andrea was a great sport, these are adorable.

Andrea, you were lots of fun! Enjoy the sneak peak!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

{ Erica: Greece Olympia Senior Portraits } rochester, ny photographer

Lots of Olympia girls all in a row! They're all kids in the musical program, and just super sweet!

This was one of the very last shots of the night, and one of my favorites. Just simple and classic!

Looking nice & relaxed here!

Erica's mom was in the room and they have a really cute relationship- she was a little shy in front of the camera but when I'd turn my back she would do something silly for mom. Finally I captured one of the moments and it's just perfect.

The last set with the guitar... she's only been playing for a few years but I asked her to play on the spot and it sounded awesome!

Thanks for coming in! Enjoy your sneak peak!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

{ Newborn - 4 weeks old } Rochester, NY modern newborn portrait photographer

I haven't had a newborn in the studio in a while so I was super excited to meet this little family earlier this week!

Baby girl was just shy of 4 weeks old, and after 20-30 minutes she zonked right out and slept wonderfully. Look how many times we moved her to different set ups, lol.

This is the first time I've used this for a newborn, I love it!

Yeah, I'm slightly obsessed with this red chair!

Family shots with new babies are always my favorite in black & white! Gorgeous!!

Those tiny toes!!

Thanks so much for coming in you guys! I'll let you know as soon as the gallery is up!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

{ Maureen: Greece Olympia Senior Portraits } rochester, ny photographer

Maureen was in for her session on the same day as Steph (previous post). I always tell my clients, I try very hard to make each session unique, especially when kids are from the same school! So take a look and see how I did :-)

I met Maureen a few years ago when I became involved with taking pictures for the Olympia musicals. She's a talented singer and played Belle in their production of Beauty & the Beast!

She showed up for her session with a tiny plastic bag with a few shirts in it. No props, just simple and straightforward was what she wanted!

This is a bench I rarely get to use because it's such a strong pattern. Her outfit worked perfectly and I love the subtle touch it adds.

Pink (or teal) are probably my favorite colors against the dark gray background. She looks so comfy in this pose, it suits her well.

A couple of great photographers in other states whose blogs I follow use a green piece of furniture against the gray, and I've always thought it looked so classy. I finally got to borrow the concept with my own spin with this new chair!

Maureen wasn't sure if she wanted to use this last sweater she brought, but I convinced her to use it with a bold color. Yup, pretty awesome.