Friday, September 3, 2010

{ Justine: Notre Dame Senior Portraits Part II } rochester, ny photographer

Most of the kids booking the indoor + outdoor package this year are splitting them into (2) separate appointments... mostly because they are girls who want to do curly AND straight hair :-)

Justine was back this week for her Part II in the studio and brought lots of fun outfits & props.

She was in love with this fabric from our first meeting. Usually we are squeezing it in at the end of a session and we just do a few quick headshots, so I made sure to try a sitting pose on it, and it looks great!

I always recommend some bright colors & patterns for seniors, they photograph so well!

Justine is a faithful Facebook/Blog follower and requested we use this chair that her friend used last year. (I kind of forgot I had it & haven't used it all season). It was the perfect set up for her sports gear.

How cute is this... she & her mom did a few shots together! Awesome!

Justine it was lots of fun! Tell your friends to venture out to Greece, I'd love to have them :-)

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