Thursday, September 9, 2010

{ Stephanie: Greece Olympia Senior Portraits Part I } rochester, ny photographer

This is the week for senior girls so get ready for lots of blogging!

Steph came with lots of great outfits and a bag full of running shoes! The leopard print worked great with a basic backdrop, and on the modern black/red set up. I'm way too in love with this new red chair!

She's full of smiles, and we didn't do a lot of serious shots, but the ones we did she totally rocked! (Yeah, we have a fan blowing!)

Ever since I started watching the TLC show "What Not to Wear" I've been a big fan of a neutral outfit with a colorful shoe. These shoes are too cute!!

Speaking of shoes... Steph is a cross-country runner. I'm tired just thinking about all the running that must go along with that many pairs of sneakers!

Look for Steph's Part II (in curly hair!) when we decide on an outdoor location!

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