Sunday, December 27, 2009

Newborn Portraits | Rochester NY On- Location Newborn Baby Photographer

Lots of fun today with a tiny little newborn baby girl! A family I've worked with many, many times which is one of my favorite aspects of what I do... getting to be part of so many amazing events in someone's life. This was an on-location session at the client's home, and it's a great option for you new moms out there. Stay home in the warmth and let me bring everything to you. You don't even have to get out of your PJ's if you don't want to :-)

At just about 10 days old, this little lady was very alert and only slept for a few minutes! So peaceful...

We tried hard to get her into a cozy cocoon wrap, but it she wasn't having any part of it. With newborns, you have to be flexible and just roll with their personality! I love the contrast of the soft baby bundle with the bold texture of the carpet.

I bought this fabric last week and was really anxious to try it out today. Might be my favorite shot of the day... love the bold, rich color and her alert expression.

Thanks for letting me play today... hope you enjoy them so far!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Feeding the Chickadees

Ben & I went with my parents and a few other families out to Mendon Ponds Park yesterday for a fun morning of feeding the chickadees! It was the perfect day... 30+ degrees, no wind, just a touch of sun and not much snow on the ground.

The birds feed right out of your hand, and it's a really cool experience! If you've never done it, you should check it out. Park at the Nature center and take the Birdsong trail right from there. It only took a little over an hour to walk the trail including stops to feed the birdies along the way.

Ben loves being outside, and he had so much fun.

I love a day of outside fun! Have a fabulous day everyone!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Newborn options for 2010

2010... just a week or so away already! One of the new features I'm offering for Newborn Photography is simply more options. My goal is always to give my clients what they need, what they want, and what they can afford.

With in-studio sessions as low as $25, it's the affordable way to get great portraits of your newborn, without relying on the hospital. Perfect for newborns that are past that super sleepy stage of the first week or two, or if you simply prefer the traditional look.

A few examples:

This is my favorite... give me an hour or two with your little one and we can create some absolutely stunning images. It only works when baby is under 14 days because they're extra sleepy and squishy, so it's best to call me while you're still pregnant to discuss your needs. Contact me for a quote on this custom session!

These were both taken when the babies were about 10 days old:

Whether you want traditional or baby art, the session can be held right in your home! I know how hard it is to get ANYHWERE in the early weeks, especially in the winter, so this is a great option. Contact me for a quote on this custom session!

These were taken at a clients home in Walworth:

I have another on-location session this weekend for a tiny little girl about a week old, I can't wait. Some great new fabrics & props lined up to test out (baby willing). 1 year old twins this weekend too! Look for new posts soon and have a great rest of your week!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Omni Group | Rochester, NY Corporate Event Photographer

I've had the priviledge to work with The Omni Group a few times now. They are a local company specializing in 403b retirement savings plan administration, and they've had a lot to celebrate this year including being #15 in Rochester's Top 100 companies!

All of the owners and managers were in town for a swanky party at ARTISANworks.

Lots of fun:

Lots of food:

And lots of interesting art pieces everywhere you look:

A cool place to check out sometime - and a fantastic place for an event large or small!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ben: almost 11 month portraits

When you're a photographer, you end up with the most randomly timed portraits, because you do them when the mood strikes you & not by the calendar. So today I grabbed Ben for a few quick shots, after I discovered I didn't take a single frame of my child in the month of November. Not one. Not even a snapshot with my pocket camera!!! It was that busy of a month. Now the mayhem has come to a screaching halt and I have a few minutes to breathe, which is always fun but just for a week or two :-)

Next week he'll be 11 months old. HEY, WHERE DID MY BABY GO... THIS LOOKS LIKE A LITTLE BOY!!!

If we're friends on Facebook you probably saw the video too.... HE'S WALKING. Oh boy, mommy's in trouble now :-) Happy almost Friday everyone!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I love good customer service

Just wanted to take a minute to thank Dr. Ryan Swain of "6 Month Braces" in North Chili.... I had cosmetic braces in 2006 and he repaired a tooth as part of the whole cosmetic overhaul. Well it broke this week when I was eating a cookie. Darn it!!!

His staff got me in the very next day, and he fixed it (better than before even) and DID IT WITHOUT CHARGING ME. Now that's some awesome customer service.

He's amazingly talented to boot. Awesome

Thursday, December 10, 2009

4 month portraits | Rochester, NY Modern Infant, Baby, Child Photographer

So many babies lately, I love it!!!! I had this little guy in a few weeks ago when he was 10 weeks, and he was back for 4 month portaits this week. No, not following the usual 3-6-9-12 month portrait schedule, just getting them done when the time feels right, very cool!

It's amazing how much he's changed in just a few short weeks! He hasn't found his feet yet, but he looooooves his hands, lol. Here are a few of my favorites:

His mommy is a wonderful massage therapist here in Greece - let me know if you need one and I'll give you her info!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

6 month & sibling portraits | Rochester, NY Modern Infant, Baby, Child Photographer

I met this family almost 6 months ago for an on-location newborn session. (You can see the original session by clicking here).

I love seeing babies grow & change and 6 months is such a delicious age, don't you agree???

The kids arrived with hats on (just because it was cold out) but mom said we could do a few shots with them on first. YAY!! She had hats ready for the newborn shoot too... I *heart* kids in hats!

Big brother is at a fun age to work with... old enough to take some direction, and loves silly conversations - love that smile!!

I've had this big basket for years but have never used it... it was perfect! The little guy isn't quite sitting up yet, so we used a Bumbo chair in there. So cute!

Great to see you guys again, looking forward to 1 year/5 year portraits in the spring!! :-)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Announcements for 2010

I can't believe this year is coming to a close in just a few short weeks, where does the time go. It's been a profound year for me both on a personal level, and professional level.

My favorite personal image - my son at 11 days old!

A few of my favorite client images:

Since starting my business in 2004, every year I like to look back and see what worked well, and what needs to be changed moving forward.

I'm very excited to make the following announcements for 2010 sessions!

Session Fee Arrangement: Session fees have been lowered! They cover my time for the session (set up, paperwork, consultations/questions, the session itself, downloading & backing up your images!), custom editing and enhancement of your images, and a private on-line gallery to view your images. All prints and products are now available separately. As a bonus to this structure, I no longer have to charge you sales tax on the session fee! YAY!!
30 Minute In-Studio – session fee $25
1 Hour In-Studio – session fee $50
1 Hour Outdoors – session fee $75

Session Design: No limits on the number of subjects, outfits, or backdrops to be used! It’s your time, use it however you’d like.

Specialty Sessions: Newborn Baby Art, Baby’s First Year, Cake Smash, On-Location, and Senior Portraits which cannot be accommodated in a standard session. Details will be posted on my website soon, or contact me if you need information right away!

Prints & Products: Still lots of freedom to buy what you want, when you want. Sessions carry just a $100 order minimum.

Individual prints are available ‘ala carte’ wallet-size and 5x7 through 24x36, starting at $12.

Print Collections are attractively priced at a discount and include items that cannot be purchased ‘ala carte’, starting at $175.

Additional prints and Digital Files can be added to any Collection at a 50% discount!

Payment Options: I’m working with my bank to accept credit cards directly (in addition to using Paypal). I’ll keep you posted!

Portrait Club: Clients who book more than one session per year, listen up! Book any (3) sessions and receive a 30-minute session FREE. Ask me for details!

I got to work with a lot of familiar faces this year, as well as meet many new families. I can't wait to see what 2010 brings! Have a great rest of your week... new session post coming this weekend!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

From the Weekend

I'm behind on blogging! I hate when I'm behind on blogging!! It's a rare occurance, but I've been busy getting things ready for 2010 and time is just getting away from me. So I'm going to just quickly blog both of this weekends sessions in the same post!

This little cutie is the cousin of another little peanut I had in a few weeks ago. She saw those images and asked Gramma "why don't I get a photo session?". So Gramma called me up, and I was able to fit her in that day since she was only in town for the weekend.

A few of my favorites so far:

Later that day was a session with 5 teenage siblings (there's a set of triplets!). They were all home visiting from college and/or had the night off from work, so it was a perfect opportunity to get them together. A nice casual session with each wearing a shirt to represent their school.

Look for posts soon with all of the 2010 updates!!