Wednesday, November 28, 2012

{Cousins Portraits/Modern Family Photographer Rochester, NY}

It's always hard to tell what the weather will be like in November, but what luck we had! These four awesome cousins were on their best behavior and dressed to impress with all of their beautiful colors!

We had a blast in their hour long outdoor session...playing around in a field and having everyone take turns striking a pose!! These four kiddos were definitely a pleasure to work with! Just remember that family photo sessions are whatever combination of your family you choose, and it helps preserve memories that will last a lifetime...

D'Marie Photography :: Make It All Matter

Engagement Session {Modern Photographer Rochester, NY}

There is NOTHING better than a beautiful Fall afternoon spent with a couple in love... With the excitement of an upcoming wedding next summer, LOVE was in the air!

Pinterest inspires us all these days, and the bride came prepared with a great "save the date" sign!

Brightly colored outfits that compliment one another are a MUST! What better way to get to know your photographer before the BIG DAY?!? Engagement Sessions are growing in popularity and its easy to see why...great for you to practice being in front of the camera!

If you hear those wedding bells in your future and you're looking for a photographer that's all about YOU, contact us today!!

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