Monday, August 30, 2010

{ Mini Session Special - October } rochester, ny portrait photographer


DATE: Sunday Oct 24th for peak foliage!

TIME: Sessions every half hour from 9:30am through noon.

LOCATION: Outdoor location in the Rochester area TBA; I'll be looking for the best foliage spots!


INCLUDES: 20-25 min session for up to (4) people and the best (15) images on disc with rights to print!

HOW TO BOOK: Message me to reserve your spot... $25 deposit required.

Great for families, kids, maternity, and couples!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

{ Justine: Notre Dame Senior Portraits Part I } rochester, ny photographer

Justine attends a private school in Batavia, but she found me through Amanda, one of my seniors from last year. Yay for referrals!

Her graduating class is very small (50 ish) and most of them get their portraits done at the same place out there... Justine wanted something different! We split her session into 2 parts, and the weather was gorgeous last night for her shots at Charlotte Beach!

We talked a lot beforehand about what to wear, and she came well prepared. Love the colors & textures!!

Her puppy was her prop, haha. We took three quick shots and she was actually looking at me in every one!

She has been dancing since she was 3 and added Pointe a few years ago. How cool is this? First of all the sky/water looked amazing that night, split right down the middle with blue and a light pink. Second of all... she is ON POINTE on the beach! Awesome!!

Part 2 is coming next week, can't wait!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

{ 1 year anniversary portraits } rochester, ny modern photographer

Are YOU a fan on Facebook yet? This couple won a contest on my fan page earlier this year and had a FREE session with me last night! For their engagement wedding photos with another photographer they used some urban locations, so they wanted to shake it up and do something different (aka, nature & greenery!).

We headed off to one of my absolute favorite parks and created some amazing images despite the threat of rain.

This field is a great spot and changes with the seasons... the yellow right now is gorgeous!

A short walk and some more awesome spots! In another 6 weeks these trees will be super yellow, but I completely enjoy their green-ness for this shot!

I made them do some goofy photographer stuff, like "sit on this bench and pretend to talk" and "just look off into space", and it's usually good for a laugh. (um, which is the point of my goofy randomness :-)

Last frame of the night, super cool!

Yeah, pretty much just an amazing session. Enjoy your sneak peek, it was great to meet you guys!!!

All you girls out there, you're seeing these and thinking "I want some pics like this of me & my guy"... if you don't think he'll make it through a full session, I'll be announcing some fall MINI SESSIONS later this week to take place at this same park! They are great for families & kids, but they're perfect for couples too!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

{ Family Portraits & 1 year Cake Smash } rochester, ny photographer

I've been photographing this little guy since he was just a few weeks old, and now he's graduated from the baby club with his cake smash *sigh* that happens so fast!

But first mom & dad finally let me get them in some family shots!

I like to capture as many different groupings in a session as possible, and even though the little guy was teething and only let me get two frames with each parent, these shots are priceless.

Time for cake! Special thanks to the bakery at Mt. Read Wegmans for taking care of me last minute when my first cake fell thru due to a health issue (I hope you are feeling better!!) I called at 8pm on Sunday, and was able to pick this up at 10am the next day... and oh how I LOVE the design they came up with!!

Maybe my first smash ever where none was actually eaten. Not one bite! But he did some good damage playing with it nonetheless!

We captured this entire session, including the cake smash, in about 35 minutes. Hey, when your kid is done, they're done, and it's totally ok! I've got you covered!!

I'm taking the rest of the week off from sessions to get caught up on galleries, but summer mayhem continues next week so be sure to check back for families, couples, seniors and weddings!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

{ Cousins } rochester, ny child & family portrait photographer

August is turning out to be one of the busiest on record, which is totally awesome, but slows my blogging time down just a tad! So here is a session from last week...

With family visiting from out of state, we had a small window of opportunity to get these portraits done of the 3 cousins for the first time! The weather was a little ominous but we were able to have fun outside in Gramma's backyard.

The oldest one wasn't sure what to make of this whole photo THING, lol. I LOVE this one!

I always try to get some individual shots of kids in the session too. Personalities shine thru in that one-on-one time!

As is the norm, getting 3 kids under the age of 5 to sit for a group shot is nothing short of aerobic.... but it's always worth it. So cute!! You could see how the boys completely adore their little cousin!

Thanks again for having me out, it was great meeting you guys!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

{ Melanie: Odyssey Academy Senior Portraits } rochester, ny photographer

I met Melanie a few weeks ago when she came in with Stephanie to check out the studio. Since her school allows an outdoor image to be used in the yearbook, she decided to go with an outdoor only session. We had the PERFECT summer night to hang out downtown and capture these amazing images!

All of her outfits had fantastic pops of color. Here is #1:

A little walk and some more amazing locations to work with.

I can't resist trying something a little out of the norm!

More great color in outfit #3. Is that last one outside?? Yup, sure is! Rochester has the most amazing places to shoot... trust me to find the right one for your session!

Melanie, you were a breeze to work with. I could've stayed another hour shooting with you! I hope you enjoy them so far!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

{ 8 month portraits } rochester, ny modern baby photographer

I love this age!! The 7-9 month baby is the perfect model; they can't run away and they tend to be pretty good sports about wearing hats, being put in baskets, etc. Plus, they're just so dang cute with all that baby chub!!

I photographed this little lady when she was just a few weeks old with her big sister back in January... how did she get so big already??

This set up is mom's favorite in my galleries so we put it to good use right away. You know how I love a headband or hat on a little one - mom MADE this one, woo hoo!

Getting a little "farm girl" vibe going to coordinate with the red barn, hee hee

Another outfit change, man she was a trooper!

And a brand new set up I was trying out. OH how I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

Fabulous mommy Jen, thanks for coming out and playing!!! Can't wait to meet baby girl #3 later this year :-)

Monday, August 9, 2010

{ Family Portraits } rochester, ny modern family portrait photographer

We got rained out for this family's session a few weeks ago, so we rescheduled for an early morning session (8am!) and had the perfect day this time!

The twins Grampa works with my husband Tim, and they were born just a few weeks after Ben. So although this was the first time we met, I've been following their progress for almost a year & a half. Two adorable little bundles of energy!

I've worked with a lot of twins (and even 2 different sets of triplets), and it's fun to see their connection. Sister saw a boat coming down the canal and pointed it out for brother. Too cute!!

Mom specifically wanted some shots of them all walking, and there are several but this might be my favorite with the little guy looking back at me. The candid, real moments are always my favorite images! So talk, laugh, and play with your kids during your session - they'll make great memories!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

{ Nick: Odyssey Academy Senior Portraits } rochester, ny photographer

I've known Nick for a year or so through my step kids, and I got to photograph him with his siblings last December. He was back last week for Senior Portraits, fun!!

If you're wondering what you can accomplish in the 45 min studio session, take a look! Two outfits, 2 backdrops & 1 really cool prop - simple and awesome.

First the classic outfit, the kind parents & grandparents like to see!

Then came outfit #2... he was so comfortable in it, you could just feel the shift in the energy!

In years past, the prop shots were kind of just THERE. This year they are some of my absolute favorites images!! The kids are pulling out all the stops and coming with super creative poses they want to try. I love it!!

Nick, it was great to see you again! Enjoy the sneak peek... and send your friends. Yearbook deadlines are coming up quick!! :-)

Friday, August 6, 2010

{ Sibling Portraits } Rochester, NY modern child portrait photographer

Another one of my highly photographed families was back this week for some updated portraits! Mom works hard at picking the perfect outfits, which I totally appreciate. Adorable coordination as always!

A few of little sister, who somehow turned 6 months already!! (Wasn't it just last week I shot her newborn session??

Big brother kept us hopping as any good 2-1/2 year old will do! Mom had some good tricks up her sleeve including jumping off of an ottoman to keep him happy & entertained! You know your children best... don't be afraid to break out those suggestions in the session!

Love watching your family grow, great to see you guys again as always!!