Saturday, January 16, 2010

Newborn & Sibling Portraits | Rochester NY Modern Newborn and Child Photographer

I wasn't going to post this session until tomorrow but I'm just so in love with these images that I couldn't wait :-)

The most adorable little family was in today for portraits of their girls together. Mom & Dad were in a wedding I photographed a few years ago, and I love Facebook for keeping in touch with people!!

We had a super relaxed session that just flowed. Big Sister is about to turn 4, and Little Sister just turned 6 weeks old today.

Four is a really fun age because you can have silly conversations to help loosen kids up. I think my piggy puppet was "taking" this photo, which clearly was hysterical!

And I'm a sucker for a ridiculous close up.

I bought a piece of fuzzy cream fabric yesterday and it's always hard to decide which one to get, hoping it photographs the way you envision in your head. I chose wisely, and I love this shot!!

I had some version of this image in mind before the session, and I just had to get it to work. Big Sister was not too fond of the idea but eventually she helped me out and it's even better than I could've planned with her natural affection for Little Sister shining through!

It was truly enjoyable you guys - great to see you again!!

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