Saturday, October 31, 2009

A whole week...

Wow a whole week without a blog post! It's been such a crazy Sept & Oct so I took advantage of this weekend for a much needed break. NO SESSIONS!! I'm getting caught up with galleries and orders, which is a very good thing because November is starting to FILL IN FAST!!

If you have been thinking about family portraits this year, please contact me asap especially if you need a Saturday appointment. There are only 3 left, then we'll be into the mayhem of December.

Sessions to look forward to this week:
A corporate event
1 year portraits
1-1/2 year portraits
6 month portraits

And I went studio shopping today, so keep an eye out for some great new stuff- i'm really excited!!

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Family Portraits | Rochester, NY Modern Family Photographer

I love this little family! I first met them in 2007 when I photographed their wedding... then maternity the following year... and a cake smash this past April... now some family portraits while they await the arrival of baby #2!!

What an absolutely gorgeous day for an outdoor session! Besides it being actually TOO warm for the sweaters everyone was wearing, it was great. The colors were breathtaking.

Love how the sun is making the trees glow!

The colors here are beautiful!

Mom bought this awesome hat for the session (dad said she planned the entire wardrobe scheme around it!) but it was sooo warm... he let us know how he felt about it :-)

Mom & Dad did some tickling to get him smiling again, and I added in some animal noises for good measure, haha. Hey, it worked!!

This one looks like a painting to me, and I love casual shots like this!

Really great to see you guys again, and I hope you enjoy them so far!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Senior Portraits: Cody - Olympia | Rochester, NY Modern Senior Portrait Photographer

Cody might just be my most last-minute senior ever, haha. I met this family 2 years ago when I did his older brother Nick's portraits, and it's always such a nice compliment when they return in the following years! Yearbook deadline for Olympia is less than a week away... if there are ANY more kids out there who STILL haven't gotten portraits done- HURRY HURRY HURRY!!

Now on to Cody's sneak peak....

One of the most popular poses this year, it's flattering on everyone!!

More outfits - more backdrops!!

Check out his PROP!!!!! Her name is Jenny, and she was soooo cute! YES, you can bring your dog as a prop, it's totally fine. And I also do Pet Portraits, so let me know if you need some!

Seriously, this is good stuff:

Cody, great working with you! I'll let you know when the gallery is up this weekend!!

Just some fun fall props

I'm always searching for new, fun props for the studio.... Ben is modeled a few for me today, haha.

Love babies in baskets almost as much as I love babies in hats ;-)

This should be a NY State apple ad!

Have a great Friday everyone - more posts this weekend!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

1 Year Portraits | Rochester, NY Modern Child Photographer

My friend Laurie, who was my boss at Jolt, brought her little guy in today for his 1 year portraits. We were pregnant at the same time and it's hard to believe he's already one!!

There are 2 staples in my studio for little ones; the giant bear, and the wooden apples. They're always a huge hit :-)

Little boys that have recently learned to walk don't like to sit still! I always tell moms not to worry, even though they think we're not getting any good shots. We just keep moving them back to center and I can get a shot or two before they run away, haha. Love the innocent look here!

The original plan was to do an nice fall outdoor session, but the weather has just been so cold that mom decided to move it indoors. We had to get a little of that fall feel though:

Laurie- so good to see you guys! I hope you enjoy them so far!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Maternity Portraits: Erin | Rochester, NY Modern Maternity Portrait Photographer

Erin is one of my brides from 2007, so it's always fun to know my clients continue to follow my work and I get to meet up with them again as their life changes!

We did Erin's session at the same place she got married, and one of my favorite spots to shoot, Webster Arboretum. It's a really beautiful park and every time I'm there I find completely different areas to use.

Here are a few of my favorites!!! I LOVE the totally rich luscious colors!!

Working the serious look:

Maybe my favorite belly-only shot I've ever taken:

I was telling her an embarassing story from my pregnancy, totally worth it for the smile on her face, haha:

A pose with some attitude, woo hoo:

Erin it was great to see you again! I hope the next 2 months go fast for you, and I hope to see you again when your little guy arrives!!

Engagement Portraits: Rachel & Dan | Rochester, NY Modern Engagement Portrait Photographer

I met Rachel a long, long time ago... maybe Kindergarten?? We were friends right through high school, but we haven't seen each other since. Gotta love Facebook for reconnecting!

I met up with Rachel & her finace Dan today for their Engagement Session despite the drizzle, and I'm so glad we went ahead. The rain was just enough to be annoying, but the overcast day made for gorgeous light! I love-love-LOVE the images we captured today, and the session was really fun to boot.

I've only briefly looked through all of the images, but this might be my favorite from the day- and ironically, it was the very last frame I shot!

A few from the absolutely beautiful Eastman Quad:

They were such good sports, even letting me take a shot of their back-sides :-)

And a few from the lovely Lamberton Conservatory:

Rachel, it was awesome to see you again!! And Dan, great meeting you. I hope you enjoy the sneak peek and there are a ton more coming for your gallery soon!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Senior Portraits: Ashley - Olympia | Rochester, NY Modern Senior Portrait Photographer

Ok, so I guess I'm not done with seniors for the season, haha. Ashley actually had her session scheduled for August (twice) but we had weather & work conflicts. Fast forward two months, and we finally were able to get her in, although the outdoor part was scrapped due to the lovely COLD weather we're having.

Totally amazing session, Ashley is a natural!!! Only half of the shots were posed, the rest just HAPPENED. Love a session like that!

I always start off with some classic yearbook stuff:

Ash quickly found her 'America's Next Top Model' groove! And I have to tell you this quick story... pulling off a serious face on demand is hard, so to get ready she would make this little zen-like "hmmmm" noise, haha. It worked for her, but then we would all crack up which would make her laugh, and we'd have to try again. Worth the wait though!

Just so cute!! There are a zillion good ones, it was hard to pick what to post! If I wasn't so tired, I'd still be ramling on here :-)

Ash, it was awesome!! Hope you enjoy them so far!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Newborn Portraits | Rochester NY Modern Newborn Baby Photographer

I'm not sure where the cut off for "newborn" technically is... for me, that's anything under 3 months old. I mean come on, at 10 weeks a baby is still NEW!

So here's today's 10 week old cutie! He arrived in this great little sweater & hat, which honestly were just his travel clothes since it was cold out, but I made mom keep it on for a few shots. BABIES IN HATS ROCK!

He was SO good, just hanging out, no fussing!!

He gave me great eye contact too!!

His christening outfit was a bit of a challenge because they use the most SLIPPERY fabric known to man, but he still was a trooper.

He looks like such a big boy here:

Showing off the whole outfit, and a little smile in those beautiful eyes!!

I hope you enjoy the sneak peak mom & dad! I'll get the gallery up for you asap and let you know when it's ready!

Nicole & Blaine: Wedding | Rochester, NY Wedding Photographer

This weekend was the last of the weddings for a while along side Chelse from EIEIO/Glow Photography!

We were in Buffalo this time which is fun because it's totally new venues, and this one was GORGEOUS! Samuels Grande Manor

As a 2nd shooter usually I get to hang out with the guys before the ceremony and get those group shots out of the way. I like to take a traditional one, and a casual one. The guys came up with this "Football" pose all on their own, haha. Love it!

It was really getting cold when the sun started going down, so the bride was wearing her dad's jacket before we started formal photo time. The image is a tad soft (meaning the focus isn't quite as sharp as it could be) but with weddings the moments happen very fast and I always opt to grab the shot vs. miss it because I'm adjusting my settings to be perfect!

I get to take the fun off-beat shots during formals!

They had a super cute fall theme including these pumpkin place holders, which we turned into ring holders :-)

Done with formals as it was turning completely pitch black! I love walking away photos.

The bride & groom had a choreographed first dance and it was adorable. It was also a lot more fun to photography since they did cute stuff like turn out towards us!

Nicole & her dad are both very sweet, and you can tell they have a very special relationship. It totally comes thru in this shot.

And it's fun to see the wide shot of what's happening while they're dancing- everyone wants to capture those moments!

It's been a crazy weekend, and a very busy week ahead! A newborn, 1 year old, another SENIOR, maternity, and engagement sessions all coming up!!!