Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Family Fun Day - Mendon Ponds

Weekends in the fall are usually pretty busy with client sessions and this year is no exception, so long ago I saved Oct 11th for a family day. I really hate winter (yes I know I'm a downhill skiier but I'd trade it up in a heartbeat for nicer weather) and every year I have this obsession to seize a very "fall" moment, at least ONE.

Thankfully today it was completely gorgeous, and we had a great day hiking around Mendon Ponds Park. The original plan was to go to Letchworth, but then we found out it was craft festival weekend and we just didn't want to deal with the traffic hassle. Tim & I had been to a part of Mendon a few years ago that we knew would have great scenery so we packed up baby, kids, boyfriend & girlfriend and off we went!

We got Ben into the Snugli harness, and found out it's just about too small for him, but we made it work. He loved it!!

After a few minutes we somehow found our way out of the trail and back to the car, haha. I had my tripod in my trunk from last nights wedding (which I'll be blogging in a day or two) so we were able to get a group shot. We got this in one take, without any eyes being closed. (NICK!! lol)

Back on the trail a few minutes later, and we found some great scenic views.
Alex & Marlena:

Hannah & Nick:

I have to tell you the backstory on this one... Hannah has shot with me many times & is developing quite a photographers eye. While they were sitting here waiting for me to get my shot, they noticed their shadows in the water and they're actually taking a picture of that, while I'm taking this one, haha.

We got lost trying to get back to the car (which is ironic after finding it so quickly the first time) and by the end everyone was exhausted including Ben.

Not that I'm READY but now that I've had my fall fun day, winter can come whenever it wants to :-) Another busy week of sessions, look for more posts in the upcoming days!!

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