Saturday, February 27, 2010

{ Newborn - 4 weeks old } Rochester, NY modern newborn portrait photographer

I've been concentrating on improving my newborn photography skills in the past few months, and really studying some amazing photographers who specialize in it. It IS a speciality by the way, to truly do it well. It looks pretty simple when you view a photograph, but getting the proper angle of support items, blankets, props and baby is really challenging!

Not to mention getting baby to fall sleep and stay that way! That's deceiving too... newborns sleep allll day right? Yeah, except when you take their clothes off and put them in front of bright lights!

But after a session like this one, I know it's so worth the effort. And it's one of my favorite little familes to boot. What a great day!

Newborn Baby Art at it's finest. Um, yes please, bring me more little babies to photograph!! Oh, and this little lady was almost 4 weeks old... blows my theory out of the water that it's only possible with babies under 2 weeks! So rest up mommies, then give me a call!

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