Sunday, February 21, 2010

{ 3 year portraits } Rochester, NY modern child portrait photographer

Working with kids keeps you on your toes! This little lady is the sister of a few past senior portrait clients, and she just turned 3. She fell in love with the big cream wing chair, and wanted her portraits done in that. ONLY THAT, lol.

I love how comfortable she got here showing me her fabulous new sneakers that are special because they have RED in them. (She loves red, can you tell? :-)

Tim & Ben were home during her session, and they happened to come downstairs in the next room... we could hear Ben through the wall clear as day saying his favorite word over & over again. "Ba ba. Ba ba. Ba ba." It cracked her right up and we got the best smiles of the day!

At the end of the session she said "This was fun, I want to do it again" and her mom said "oh, you do?" and her reply was "Well, not YET". haha.

little kids :: big personality :: lots of fun

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Anonymous said...

She is darling like her mommy! :)

Sue-Ellen said...

Not so darling in action, Lee!
She was a little pip!
"But I don't want to!" We finally got her sunglasses off her. But never got her off the beige chair 'til the very end. Oh, the thrilling threes!!!