Saturday, February 27, 2010

{ Privacy } Rochester, NY modern portrait photographer

I wanted to make a few comments about privacy as it relates to the images captured during your session. I am 100% committed to making every single session CUSTOM, and that includes the level of privacy you want for your images.

I have a public D'Marie Photography fan page on Facebook, and very soon after sessions I post a "first look" image there. If we are Facebook friends I will also tag you in the photo. And of course there is my blog here, where you get an extended "sneak peek" of a few more images a day or two later. Full galleries are always private with password protection.

I feel that the public glimpses are a service to my clients, and most would probably agree. I mean seriously, who wants to wait to see their images! But on occasion a client prefers some or all of their images to remain private for a variety of reasons. And that is not a problem in any way. I just need to know your wishes, so please don't hesitate to speak up if you have any special requests in this regard!

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