Tuesday, August 10, 2010

{ 8 month portraits } rochester, ny modern baby photographer

I love this age!! The 7-9 month baby is the perfect model; they can't run away and they tend to be pretty good sports about wearing hats, being put in baskets, etc. Plus, they're just so dang cute with all that baby chub!!

I photographed this little lady when she was just a few weeks old with her big sister back in January... how did she get so big already??

This set up is mom's favorite in my galleries so we put it to good use right away. You know how I love a headband or hat on a little one - mom MADE this one, woo hoo!

Getting a little "farm girl" vibe going to coordinate with the red barn, hee hee

Another outfit change, man she was a trooper!

And a brand new set up I was trying out. OH how I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

Fabulous mommy Jen, thanks for coming out and playing!!! Can't wait to meet baby girl #3 later this year :-)

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Annie said...

oh my goodness... gorgeous pics!