Wednesday, August 4, 2010

{ Outdoor Family Portraits } rochester, ny modern family portrait photographer

For a decade or so in a former life, I was a materials buyer for a machine shop. Rob was one of the first sales people I worked with, and he was so patient with me as I stumbled through my first months, completely butchering the lingo of the industry as I tried to get quotes and place orders.

We worked together for my whole career and became good friends along the way. I had the privilege of photographing both of his boys senior portraits in the past, and this week we got to do some family portraits! Yay!

We spent an hour enjoying a hot summer night, walking around a park, and getting these awesome images!

When I'm working with a group of tweens/teens/adults it's a fun time for me to try some funky shots that have been floating around in my head. Just super love both of these - they'd make fabulous pieces of art in their house!

I love to see this kind of connection in a family... you can't fake that kind of bond! Thanks for letting me be there, it was great to see you guys!

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