Monday, August 9, 2010

{ Family Portraits } rochester, ny modern family portrait photographer

We got rained out for this family's session a few weeks ago, so we rescheduled for an early morning session (8am!) and had the perfect day this time!

The twins Grampa works with my husband Tim, and they were born just a few weeks after Ben. So although this was the first time we met, I've been following their progress for almost a year & a half. Two adorable little bundles of energy!

I've worked with a lot of twins (and even 2 different sets of triplets), and it's fun to see their connection. Sister saw a boat coming down the canal and pointed it out for brother. Too cute!!

Mom specifically wanted some shots of them all walking, and there are several but this might be my favorite with the little guy looking back at me. The candid, real moments are always my favorite images! So talk, laugh, and play with your kids during your session - they'll make great memories!!

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