Wednesday, August 25, 2010

{ 1 year anniversary portraits } rochester, ny modern photographer

Are YOU a fan on Facebook yet? This couple won a contest on my fan page earlier this year and had a FREE session with me last night! For their engagement wedding photos with another photographer they used some urban locations, so they wanted to shake it up and do something different (aka, nature & greenery!).

We headed off to one of my absolute favorite parks and created some amazing images despite the threat of rain.

This field is a great spot and changes with the seasons... the yellow right now is gorgeous!

A short walk and some more awesome spots! In another 6 weeks these trees will be super yellow, but I completely enjoy their green-ness for this shot!

I made them do some goofy photographer stuff, like "sit on this bench and pretend to talk" and "just look off into space", and it's usually good for a laugh. (um, which is the point of my goofy randomness :-)

Last frame of the night, super cool!

Yeah, pretty much just an amazing session. Enjoy your sneak peek, it was great to meet you guys!!!

All you girls out there, you're seeing these and thinking "I want some pics like this of me & my guy"... if you don't think he'll make it through a full session, I'll be announcing some fall MINI SESSIONS later this week to take place at this same park! They are great for families & kids, but they're perfect for couples too!

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Jori said...

Thanks Denyse--these look so cool. I love all of the different shots! You're AMAZING!!