Sunday, August 8, 2010

{ Nick: Odyssey Academy Senior Portraits } rochester, ny photographer

I've known Nick for a year or so through my step kids, and I got to photograph him with his siblings last December. He was back last week for Senior Portraits, fun!!

If you're wondering what you can accomplish in the 45 min studio session, take a look! Two outfits, 2 backdrops & 1 really cool prop - simple and awesome.

First the classic outfit, the kind parents & grandparents like to see!

Then came outfit #2... he was so comfortable in it, you could just feel the shift in the energy!

In years past, the prop shots were kind of just THERE. This year they are some of my absolute favorites images!! The kids are pulling out all the stops and coming with super creative poses they want to try. I love it!!

Nick, it was great to see you again! Enjoy the sneak peek... and send your friends. Yearbook deadlines are coming up quick!! :-)

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