Saturday, September 5, 2009

Senior Portraits: Amanda - Arcadia | Rochester, NY Modern Senior Portraits

Not alot of commentary from me on this post... I wanted to get this up so the clients could see it with friends & family at a big picnic they were going to, and I have to head off to grocery shop (yes, this is what I do on a Saturday night of a holiday weekend, lol) so let's just get right to it!

Amanda was my quietest senior ever! But that didn't stop us from getting some awesome shots! This was an indoor only session, which lets us have a little more fun because we have lots of time.

Here's one from each of the different backgrounds we used today!

Traditional yearbook stuff.

I hardly ever get to use this blue, I love it!

Such a cute pose for her!

Maybe my absolute favorite shot from the day!!

Hope you guys enjoy them so far!! Have a great long weekend everyone!

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