Monday, September 7, 2009

Senior Portraits: Josh - Penfield | Rochester, NY Modern Senior Portraits

Now that school is starting today, we're nearing the end of Senior Portrait season so just a couple more (unless there are a lot of last-minuters out there!) for you to check out.

Josh is a friend of Sam, whose portraits I shot a week or two back. A quiet guy who was a big fan of the color black. You don't get much better than this black background with his black shirt & vest!!

Josh plays soccer, but didn't want to do the whole PROP thing for his portraits. We settled on a soccer warm up outfit instead.

With his soccer team, Josh spent some time in London and picked up this hoodie on the trip. I love the feel of this shot in acid effect!

And despite all the serious looks, we did manage to get a FEW smiles!

Enjoy your sneak peek! I'll let you know when the full gallery is ready!!

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