Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New logo, new colors!

I was going to wait until January to unveil my new logo & colors, but I can't, I'm too excited!!

My super talented photographer friend Chelse from EIEIO/Glow Photography created this for me and I'm in LOVE with it!

(You have to look past the "blog logo" watermark thru it- that's just so no one "borrows" my fabulous logo :-)

When I first started out I used purple as my business colors. Then a few years ago I moved to teal & brown. But boy was I ready to leave it behind & get something new. I am loving the brown & gold, and the little leaf detail!! You'll slowly see all paperwork and marketing materials switching to the new logo, but there might be some of both out there for a while as I use up inventory.

Feel free to leave a comment if you love the new look too!! :-)

1 comment:

EIEIO Photography said...

Really talented designer! :)
Looks great.