Sunday, September 20, 2009

I *heart* happy feedback!

My Senior had to reschedule his session to next weekend because he got some wicked sunburn yesterday at a football game :-)

So I thought I'd just take a minute to share some nice comments I've received from clients in the past month or two. Generally no news is good news, but sometimes clients take a minute to declare their love for me (HAHA well maybe not ME personally, but at least for their photos :-), and I always appreciate the happy feedback!!

From Amanda's Senior Session:
We're in (the gallery) and love the photos. Too hard to decide!

From Shannon's Senior Session:
There were so many we liked it was hard to choose haha :)

From Nick S's Senior Session:
Oh my God was it ever hard to choose. You do great work.

From Brittany's Senior Session:
We can get in (the gallery) ...and they are all beautiful! We will be looking at them over and over to decide! We’ll be in touch! Thanks again for doing such a great job!

From Nicole's Senior Session:
We love the pictures!

From Nick M's Senior Session:
(comments from 2 different family members)
love nicks pics / Nick's pics look great

From Victoria's Senior Session:
(I sent her a reminder that we need to get her yearbook photo in)
Denyse, if you didn't take such awesome pictures it wouldn't be this hard! :)

From Natasha & Mike's Wedding:
Thanks again, the pictures are really wonderful.

If you feel inspired after YOUR session, feel free to drop me a note. I always appreciate it!

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