Saturday, September 26, 2009

Senior Portraits: BJ - Olympia (part 1) | Rochester, NY Modern Senior Portrait Photographer

This is officially my last senior of the season (ok, unless there are any REAL last minuters out there- call me immediately if you're still looking to get yours done!) and boy did we go out with a BANG!

BJ was sooooo much fun to work with and arrived completely prepared to make his shoot the best it could be with cool outfits, unique props, and great ideas of things he wanted to try. I had a ridiculously hard time picking what to blog!!

We had multiple outdoor locations lined up (several brand new ones, woo hoo) but we only made it to the first spot before the rain came. So this is Part 1 of his session.

Train tracks, great choice! (Don't worry, you could see for miles and Hannah was there to watch for any trains headed our way.)

Oh, I just can't say enough about how COOL this outfit & hat are....

BJ is a talented kid. He's been a big part of Olympia's musical program (um, he played Gaston in Beauty & the Beast last year & rocked it!), and also part of JukeVox- an old school style all acapella group that is competely amazing. He brought along one of their microphones... love it! Move over Frank Sinatra, there's a new blue eyed crooner in town :-)

I had to include this one, haha. A fun 80's outfit, complete with neon shoes, and a fun pose to go with it.

Yes, we took some regular (and still amazing) shots too, but this is the only one I'm posting because I'm having too much fun with the other shots!

And a few more fun props. This first one is like a MacBook ad. (He was posting on FaceBook while I was taking these shots, hee hee)

Ooh, I can't believe I almost forgot this one.... I collect ideas for new poses I want to try, and keep them in a binder. (Yes I'm a nerd like that, lol) Well I found a picture of Samuel L. Jackson a few years ago in USA Today that I just loved. And I FINALLY got to use the pose with BJ - I mean he even had the right kind of hat!

And the back story on this is.... I was showing BJ how I wanted him to sit & the chair tipped over, haha. So we had to put Hannah behind it to hold it up while we grabbed a few quick shots. It still started tipping over at one point, and this was the result. I love candid laughing shots!

Look for Part 2 of the session later this week if the weather cooperates!

BJ- AMAZING session, and it was super fun. Can't wait to do the rest. Enjoy!!

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