Monday, September 7, 2009

Amanda & Dave: Wedding | Rochester, NY Wedding Photographer

What a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding! I went along with Chelse from Glow Photography for Amanda & Dave's wedding at Burgandy Basin.

A couple of the beautiful details:

The flower girls were SO cute!

I love the innocence of childhood... all the chaos going on in the background, and she's just happily walking by blowing bubbles.

The ceiling over the dance floor at Burgandy Basin is tricky. It's recessed panels of mirrors. How it takes the camera flash was pretty unpredictable, but when it came together as planned, it was awesome. I love how the bride & groom are highlighted on the dancefloor, and also in the mirrors above!

Amanda & Dave didn't do the traditional ring exchange so there are no ring shots. But if they had, here's the shot they would've been in :-)

Have a great rest of your Labor Day everyone!!

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Jessica corrigan said...

VERY beautiful pictures. Great talent Dee!

Jessica C.