Friday, September 4, 2009

Senior Portraits: Aaron - Penfield | Rochester, NY Modern Senior Portraits

It's always fun to work with someone you already know! I've known Aaron for, I don't know, a bunch of years :-) His mom & I used to work at the same office. That being said, I really wanted to impress her with Aaron's senior portraits. Here goes nothing!

A few from the studio...

I'm banking on this being one of his mom's favorite ones:

And then off to a GORGEOUS outdoor location on the most perfect day!

Ooooooh how I love this shot!!!! Just natural light outside.

One of the very last frames from the day:

I'd love to post more, but Ben is taking a nap & I'm exhausted from our big adventure... I'm going to try to steal some down time!

Hope you love them so far, talk to you guys soon!!

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