Thursday, December 24, 2009

Newborn options for 2010

2010... just a week or so away already! One of the new features I'm offering for Newborn Photography is simply more options. My goal is always to give my clients what they need, what they want, and what they can afford.

With in-studio sessions as low as $25, it's the affordable way to get great portraits of your newborn, without relying on the hospital. Perfect for newborns that are past that super sleepy stage of the first week or two, or if you simply prefer the traditional look.

A few examples:

This is my favorite... give me an hour or two with your little one and we can create some absolutely stunning images. It only works when baby is under 14 days because they're extra sleepy and squishy, so it's best to call me while you're still pregnant to discuss your needs. Contact me for a quote on this custom session!

These were both taken when the babies were about 10 days old:

Whether you want traditional or baby art, the session can be held right in your home! I know how hard it is to get ANYHWERE in the early weeks, especially in the winter, so this is a great option. Contact me for a quote on this custom session!

These were taken at a clients home in Walworth:

I have another on-location session this weekend for a tiny little girl about a week old, I can't wait. Some great new fabrics & props lined up to test out (baby willing). 1 year old twins this weekend too! Look for new posts soon and have a great rest of your week!

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