Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ben: almost 11 month portraits

When you're a photographer, you end up with the most randomly timed portraits, because you do them when the mood strikes you & not by the calendar. So today I grabbed Ben for a few quick shots, after I discovered I didn't take a single frame of my child in the month of November. Not one. Not even a snapshot with my pocket camera!!! It was that busy of a month. Now the mayhem has come to a screaching halt and I have a few minutes to breathe, which is always fun but just for a week or two :-)

Next week he'll be 11 months old. HEY, WHERE DID MY BABY GO... THIS LOOKS LIKE A LITTLE BOY!!!

If we're friends on Facebook you probably saw the video too.... HE'S WALKING. Oh boy, mommy's in trouble now :-) Happy almost Friday everyone!

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Jessica C. said...

sooo cute!