Thursday, September 9, 2010

{ Maureen: Greece Olympia Senior Portraits } rochester, ny photographer

Maureen was in for her session on the same day as Steph (previous post). I always tell my clients, I try very hard to make each session unique, especially when kids are from the same school! So take a look and see how I did :-)

I met Maureen a few years ago when I became involved with taking pictures for the Olympia musicals. She's a talented singer and played Belle in their production of Beauty & the Beast!

She showed up for her session with a tiny plastic bag with a few shirts in it. No props, just simple and straightforward was what she wanted!

This is a bench I rarely get to use because it's such a strong pattern. Her outfit worked perfectly and I love the subtle touch it adds.

Pink (or teal) are probably my favorite colors against the dark gray background. She looks so comfy in this pose, it suits her well.

A couple of great photographers in other states whose blogs I follow use a green piece of furniture against the gray, and I've always thought it looked so classy. I finally got to borrow the concept with my own spin with this new chair!

Maureen wasn't sure if she wanted to use this last sweater she brought, but I convinced her to use it with a bold color. Yup, pretty awesome.

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