Wednesday, September 15, 2010

{ Jake: Odyssey Academy Senior Portraits Part I } rochester, ny photographer

I met Jake a few months ago through my step-daughter Hannah, and we soon figured out that I took his sister's senior portraits a few years ago. Small world!

Now it's Jake's turn. We ventured down to the beach about an hour before sunset one evening for his session. Normally that's perfect, but a storm was moving in and it was crazy windy, a bit chilly, and we were losing sunlight fast. Most sessions at the beach revolve around the bath house and sand, but Jake wanted to check out the pier and lighthouse which was a great choice. We're calling this Part I because we weren't able to finish his session that night due to the light. More to come soon.

But for now here are some of my favorites!

Soccer stuff first:

It took us a long time to get all the way down the pier because I kept getting distracted with spots along the way I wanted to use.

Finally we made it. It was entertaining to watch all the boats try to head out on the choppy water, only to turn around before making it out of the channel!

The sky changed again for just a few minutes on the way back down the pier - it was so awesome!!

Part II will be in the studio or by the Ferry Terminal, yet to be decided!!

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