Sunday, September 12, 2010

{ Andrea: Greece Olympia Senior Portraits } rochester, ny photographer

The last of the Olympia girls this week! Andrea was in Friday night and came with (3) outfits... all some version of black & white. That's actually fun because we can add different pops of color with backgrounds and props!

This is such a classy shot.

Man can she rock a serious face or what!

Andrea was totally bummed when she found out she had to go back into braces for the 2nd time, the summer before senior year. So she prefers to smile without showing her teeth, but let me take a few shots of that beautiful smile.

I love the power in this shot... it looks like some kind of ad in a magazine!

By the end of the session sometimes I can get request a series of goofy shots and not get a strange look, lol. Andrea was a great sport, these are adorable.

Andrea, you were lots of fun! Enjoy the sneak peak!

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