Sunday, August 9, 2009

Family Day

Today was a fun Sunday! Usually we go grocery shopping and do laundry, but today we interrupted our routine to have Gramma & Grampa over for dinner. We helped Ben make a garden stepping stone with feet prints this morning for a gift, and due to our late planning they didn't actually get to take it home with them (it has to cure in the mold for 2 days) but they did get to see it finished at least!

While I was working in the kitchen, Ben kept me company in his little bug chair. I felt like I hadn't taken any photos in a while (I think it's been 2 weeks- that's a long time to a photographer, haha) so I quick grabbed a few shots.

I was obsessed with super close ups for some reason - delicious baby details!!

Have a great Monday everyone! The next few weeks are very busy with sessions so look for new posts regularly!!

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