Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Biker Baby

My aunt, who's in her early 50's and lives in florida now, rides a bike. A MOTORCYCLE bike. (I know, she's the coolest)

So she mailed up the best Harley jean jacket for Ben. The smallest size she could find is a 4/5 toddler so it'll be a while before he can wear it. We were talking about it, and thought it would be funny to get him a skull cap do-rag to go with it, haha. And it showed up in my mailbox this week, woo hoo!

I had to send her photos of it, so we just ran down to the studio quick. Just wanted to share.

Have a great day everyone!!


Anonymous said...


Way too cute! Looking forward to Sunday afternoon.

Sue Foser

EIEIO Photography said...

uh oh, I have to tell ya, he fits in to that look a little to well for me. I think you may have a bike ridin teen in your future! :)

Jessica corrigan said...

sooo cute!

Jessica C.