Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Senior Portraits: Patrick - Olympia | Rochester, NY Modern Portrait Photographer

When you have outdoor sessions scheduled, you think about the weather constantly. With the t-storms the past few days I was worried about PJ's Senior Portraits today, but what an exceptionally gorgeous day it was!

I did his older brother's portraits a few years ago too, and both boys are so super nice!! I don't think you can tell just by looking at the images, but he's very quiet. Thankfully I'm perfectly willing to say dumb things to loosen kids up, haha. I think it paid off big time, check these out:

LOVE this shot- this would be an awesome choice for the yearbook!!

And a couple from our outdoor spots. Would you believe we were at the Greece Public Library & Apple Annie's?? I love how different things translate in photos if you know what to look for. Something totally ordinary becomes way cool if you work it right.

PJ is tall... we're talking 6', so I made poor Hannah drag along my ladder so I could get this shot. I love having an assistant, haha. And this was totally worth it- it may be my favorite from the day!

PJ- it was lots of fun!! Hope you like them so far!!

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