Monday, August 17, 2009

Senior Portraits: Sam - Penfield | Rochester, NY Modern Senior Portraits

Representing the East side was today's senior, Sam. Can I tell you how excited I was to be shooting indoors only on this 90 degree day?? lol.

Sam is definately in his element working the serious look!

This one on the trunk might be my favorite from the day!

On a funny note, I promised Hannah I would post this one too...
We do what's called a custom white balance each time we set up a new backdrop. Basically it just helps tell the camera what's what in the world of tones & colors, and makes sure the camera's sensor isn't fooled by the backdrop color. We take a read and I manually set it. Well, we had our first technically difficulty with the whole process. For some reason, the camera kept recording Sam as green. I mean like The Hulk green. haha. A few more tries and it was all squared away, but it's still a funny shot:

Even though Sam said he's not really a smile kind of guy, I always make sure to capture some. I'm loving this one!

This one makes me laugh because it's a really genuine smile... due to the fact that it's the last shot I was taking for the session, haha.

Sam, you were so easy to work with! I hope you enjoy your preview!!

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