Monday, November 23, 2009

Sibling Portraits | Rochester, NY Modern Family Photographer

This is the busiest time of year for child & family portraits! I met this family earlier this year for little guy's 1 year portraits & cake smash (so much fun!!) and they're another department store convert, yay!

Having an older sibling along with any kids in the 1-3 range is always good, and this big brother was especially helpful. He was so aware of the camera & ready all the time so I could get the shot when the little guy was ready.

Mom and I spent a lot of emails earlier in the week discussing what she wanted from the session - minimal props (and whether she could bring along a family heirloom sleigh - yes!), black background, and specifically a request for a nice face close up. She even sent me some sample photos she liked that she found online! Awesome!

I didn't realize I got this shot when it was happening, but it's my absolute favorite from the day:

Big brother missed his school portait this year so we grabbed a few also:

Another cute one together - wait maybe this one is my favorite, haha:

And just to bring a smile to your day here's a funny one:

Great to see you guys again, and I'm looking forward to their outdoor session next spring. Can we just skip winter and do it now?? :-)

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