Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Junior Portraits | Rochester, NY Modern Portraits

Today I had a session with a beautiful girl whose family I've known since I was a little girl. Somehow she's a teenager now (and I'm old, lol). Working very hard to accomplish her goal of graduating high school early, she's tackling Junior & Senior year at the same time! So these were the practice run for next summer's full-blown senior portrait session :-)

Seriously, every frame... GORGEOUS. Her mom asked about glamour processing that they saw on a friend's portraits, so I'm showing this first image in a traditional edit, and glamour edit. The difference is subtle (especialy on a face without any blemishes!) but it just makes the skin glow a little!



A few of my other favorites...

Mom wanted a few shots of them together. I took some traditional ones, but for the last few shots I asked for a little creative license. I wanted mom a bit out of focus in the background for a cool looking-thru-time effect. See where she gets her good looks?? UM HELLO, THIS IS FIERCE!

It was fun girls, hope you enjoy the preview & I'll let you know as soon as the gallery is ready!!

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EIEIO Photography said...

Really love what you did with her and mom! So cool!