Saturday, November 14, 2009

Family Portraits | Rochester, NY Modern Family Photographer

This is my 2nd family with triplets!! And my hat goes off to them because I can only imagine how much work that is! With the kids being under 3, it was a very busy session. The only other time they've attempted a family photo was about 2 years ago, at Sears, and mom said it was a disaster. Sadly not a surprise, I hear this A LOT from new clients. The big chains rush you in and rush you out and it's exasperating for everyone.

It may not be any easier for me to capture the shot with kids this age, but at least the EXPERIENCE is much easier :-)

This is my favorite family shot from the day, with the little guy in the middle even smiling! YAY!!

What you should know about this shot is, when I first saw it I was SO BUMMED because it was almost perfect. Except mom's eyes were closed! Lesson for my clients: I'm very determined at every session to get the perfect family photo, at least one worthy of your wall, even if it takes a little photoshop work to swap out a head, lol. Here's the original shot:

The kids didn't sit for long up on the trunk, and the reason I was so excited that little guy in the blue shirt was smiling in the shot above, was because he was not happy with me for the rest of the session. Case in point, haha:

Kids at this age only give you 15-20 minutes of attention before they are just DONE. Every client thinks it's their kids, and they apologize, but honestly it's every kid from 1-4. It's totally normal! So we gave the kids a break to play with the super cool microwave toy in the meeting room and took a few shots of mom & dad. They haven't had any pics taken since their wedding!!

I hope you enjoy the preview, and it was great to work with you!!


Jill Avila said...

Good thing for photoshop! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures.

The McDonald's said...

aww. I love the frowning kid. LOL! I'm sure mom & dad hate it, but it's so adorable!