Thursday, November 5, 2009

1 Year Portraits | Rochester, NY Modern Child Photographer

About 2 weeks before Ben's big arrival into the world, a friend of my mom, who I've known forever, asked if she could bring her daughter-in-law and new grand baby over for some photos. I was officially on maternity leave but that's the advantage of knowing the photographer, you can sneak in anyways :-)

That beautiful little girl was back today because somehow she turned ONE yesterday! Her mommy & I have become good friends and we get together often. It's so awesome to watch her learning new stuff, and giving me a preview of what's to come with Ben.

A few of my favorites from today:

This was a shot from her first session (at 9 weeks old) that her mommy loved and ordered in a canvas (canvas pieces are amazing, make sure you check them out at your next session):

And she requested to recreate it today, I love it:

We ended the session on a high note with her totally cracking up at something on this chair:

It was fun girls, see you soon!!!

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Jessica said...

What a gorgeous baby! Great eye miss photographer ;-)la