Saturday, November 7, 2009

1-1/2 Year Portraits | Rochester, NY Modern Child Photographer

A familiar face to any blog reader, this little guy's family had some portraits done a few weeks ago on a gorgeous fall day. Now it was his turn to shine for his studio mini-session!

Now you know that kids, especially boys, that are 1-3 years old do NOT sit still!
Sit on this stool.... no, climb on this stool! lol

(How do you like the wood floor?? I think it's a great addition to the studio and I LOVE it with the black backdrop. So lushy and gorgeous!!)

We've worked together lots of times now, so this time mom came prepared with a laptop & movie. He just SAT THERE and watched, it was amazing!! And right on cue, he laughed at the funny parts. Adorable!

Hey lady, stop making animal noises, you're interrupting my movie!

We moved him to the big trunk, which he loved.

An outfit change and unfortunately the laptop battery died, so we just got a few more quick shots!

It was a total sucess, and we didn't even break a sweat! I might reconsider the puppet and get a laptop, lol.

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