Friday, July 24, 2009

Watch for the Fine Print

I saw an ad for Clix portrait studios in the July edition of Genesee Valley Parent, a free publication you can pick up at places like Wegmans.

Big Headline "$1.99 sheets" - WOW that sounds like a good deal! Who wouldn't take advantage of it!

Then you read the fine print... there are exctly NINE RESTRICTIONS listed in the ad!

  • At time of initial session
  • Offer valid thru 7/31/09
  • Coupon must be presented at time of session
  • Offer not valid on reorders, high school seniors, or unaccompanied minors
  • Sitting fee applies
  • See studio for details
  • Prior sales excluded
  • Cannot be combined with any other offer
  • With any digital file purchased

Hmm, so I wondered, how much does a digital file cost? I called to find out! ONE SINGLE IMAGE on CD is... $55!

Add in sitting fees, and cost of the sheets, which by the way you have to decide right then & there how many you're purchasing - and suddenly it's getting pretty expensive! (Not to mention that a clause like "see studio for details" could mean even more restrictions that aren't listed!)

So watch out for that fine print with other studios. D'Marie Photography doesn't use fine print, and gives you all of your pricing up front. With no hidden fees and no silly games of "you have to purchase this in order to get that".

Need more incentive to give me a try? Repeat clients always get fun bonus gifts- look for the official Customer Loyalty Program to be announced here in the upcoming weeks!

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