Thursday, July 23, 2009

6 month portraits | Rochester, NY Modern Infant, Baby, Child Photographer

For those of you who are new blog readers, this is my son, Ben. He turned 6 months old yesterday- I can't believe it!!

I've been working on his portraits in a few short (very short) sessions over the past few days. It's difficult to be mommy & photographer at the same time, especially with a wiggly baby, so for safety reasons I only work for a few minutes with him.

Something kind of traditional. He can't sit up yet so there is a Bumbo chair under the fabric.

He's getting to a fun age where we can do some of the non-traditional, modern portraits too, yay! My favorite! This one is already hanging on our wall :-)

I have my "mommy goggles" on for this one. Meaning: the photo has some technical flaws (the fabric in the teacup is popping out, it shouldn't be visible) but since it's my child I still love the shot anyways! It's the expression... it's so BEN!!

I fixed the fabric but he was getting all done with sitting in the giant teacup & this is the closest thing to a smile we got. Still love it, especially in Chocolate tone!!

Is your baby growing up too fast too??? Contact me to book your session for 3, 6, or 9 month portraits!

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Anonymous said...

He is just ADORABLE!!!!! LOVE the teacup shots!!