Monday, July 27, 2009

Becky & Matt: Wedding | Rochester, NY Wedding Photographer

I went along with Chelse from Glow Photography for a wedding at the beautiful Belhurst Castle yesterday! It was raining so hard on my way there that I almost had to pull over. 5 minutes later it was blazing sunshine!

While Chelse worked with the Bride & her girls, I hung out with the Groom & his guys before the ceremony...

During the beautiful lakeside ceremony, the sunshine turned to angry storm clouds! They made it through without any major rain though- fewh!

This was neat, I've never seen this done... they each had a different color sand, and they poured them into one vase during the ceremony, symbolizing their unity. A cool keepsake they can display in their home! (Plus making sand art is fun, lol)

This was a fun bridal party & they were up for anything. Ok, 1-2-3-JUMP!!

When I found out we were at Belhurst, there was one shot I really wanted to capture... and this is it!

We survived another rainy Rochester day and captured some gorgeous images along the way!

Have a great week everyone!! No new posts from me until the end of the week!

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