Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Multiple Families | Rochester, NY Modern Family Portrait Photographer

The studio was a very busy place this afternoon! Gramma & Grampa, their adult kids and their families all came along for a session. We worked in multiple groupings to cover all the bases... and I think we got through it in record time, only about an hour!

Gramma & Grampa:

All 8 grandkids, ranging from 5 months to 12 years!

Various other groupings:

A view of what happens between the posed shots, lol. I love this one!

And right before we wrapped up, we snuck in a few shots of this little beauty! She's just a few days older than my Ben!!

Poor girl, she was my guinea pig in the teacup :-) The look on her face says it all, haha. Ben is so getting stuck in there next time we go in the studio!

So cute!!

I hope you guys enjoy them so far!! I'm worn out after a busy couple of days so off to bed for me!!

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