Saturday, July 25, 2009

20 Months Old, Today | Rochester, NY Modern Child Portrait Photographer

So this little guy's mom made an appointment to get his 18 month portraits done a few months ago. She emailed a few days or weeks later (really I have no sense of time since becoming a mommy!) to reschedule because he had a haircut - and it went badly, lol.

Not that he could possibly look anything but adorable, but mom said it was military short and his "signature style" is his curls! We rescheduled and today happened to be the day he turned 20 months.

Do you know what almost 2 year olds LOVE to do?? Sit in a chair and wait patiently to be photographed. HAHA, I mean they love to do anything BUT that :-) By the end of the hour, mom was a little worried that we didn't get any good shots... take a look & feel free to leave a comment with your verdict on how it went!

The determination in his face here is priceless. I WILL climb on top of this big old trunk, and I WILL keep holding the apple while I do it, haha.

After a backdrop & wardrobe change, we were back at it. I haven't used my green backdrop in a while- I forgot how much I love it!

This one cracks me up- leave me alone, I'm playing with my Ipod!!

Don't little kids have the most beautiful eye lashes??? I had to capture that wonderful detail.

Mom & Dad, Grampa & Nana - I hope you enjoy your sneak peak!! I can't wait to work with you again this fall!


Anonymous said...

Well i would have to say today was his day, what a cutie! Those curls were definately worth waiting for!
Your work continues to impress me. Beautiful pics of a handsome little guy.

Jess said...

Can you say BEAUTIFUL????? Those first two pics are awesome!

D'Marie Photography said...

1st two pics... very first 2 frames of the session! ALOT of times I find those are the best with kids, before they get bored of me, lol.

angel1948 said...

Tell mommy this young man with his curly red locks is adorable, especially using the green back drop brought out his beautiful hair. The best shots are when a child feels like doing what they want, as the expressions are adorable and the camera loves this darling young man. Great work Denyse, as always.
Hugs and Blessings,
Pam Walsh

Anonymous said...

I am this adorable little boy's great Aunt. You did a wonderful job. I live in Florida and you made me miss him even more.
Thank you!!
Aunt Robin

D'Marie Photography said...

Thanks Aunt Robin- I'm glad you enjoy them! Your great nephew is a CUTIE!!!!

Jessica corrigan said...

awesome photos!