Sunday, June 20, 2010

{ 1 year portraits & cake smash } rochester, ny photographer

This adorable set of brothers, which I have been photographing since the little one was born, were back today for some portraits and a cake smash. Mom had sent me photos of all the outfits ahead of time, and I LOVE when clients do that because it allows me to really customize the session!

This bench was one of my best purchases this year. Serious cuteness here!

How perfect are these next two props for their outfits?!

We got lots of awesome shots in just 20 minutes. They were a total breeze to work with! CAKE TIME! Now if you're a regular blog reader, you know I've had a bunch of cake-haters lately but this little guy really had a good time, yay!

After his first few tastes of frosting, he starting signing "more" to his mom, hee hee. That's right baby, dig right in!

Thanks for making the drive in, it was a pleasure as always!!

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