Sunday, June 6, 2010

{ 1 year portraits & cake smash } rochester, ny photographer

I'm jumping right into June and busy season with every week packed with sessions, yahoo! Everyone is anxious to see their sneak peek here, so I'll try to blog fast!

The first one on Saturday was for 1 year portraits & cake smash!!

A few of the super-smiley portraits. You should know that since I met her a few months ago, this little lady has become a speed-crawler and getting her to stay put for these shots was a work out, haha. But totally worth it!

On to the cake smash! Mom sent me a picture of her outfit before the session so I could coordinate the cake, which I totally love. I order cakes from a few different locations- this one is from Wegmans Britton Road. They matched it soooo perfectly!

It looks like she was having a ball, doesn't it? WRONG, lol. She completely hated it but that's the great thing about cake smash, no matter how it goes, it's FUN. And I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get a few shots that LOOK like they're enjoying it no matter what. (Yeah, there's a toy behind the cake she's reaching for here!)

Possibly the funniest cake smash image ever, haha. Good stuff!

It was great to see you guys again- and you'll have to let me know how she does with cake at her party, haha.

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