Saturday, June 20, 2009

Custom Collages- yes they're available!

After a session, I feel like there is information overload... this is when your images will be on my blog, this is when they'll be in the gallery, this is how you access it, this is how you find your image # to order... the list goes on & on. Honestly I feel like if I tell clients one more thing none of it will be remembered, so I try to keep to the necessities and let them know that if they wonder "do you offer...." just ask, because the answer probably is YES!

Case in point: custom collages. I make them, completely from scratch. The sky is the limit as far as sizes, styles, text, etc. So while I don't promote them much, they are definately available! You get (3) design samples, and then (2) edits.

Here's one I did recently for a client. They requested a square layout, in black & white, and showcasing the hands & feet shots. Simple and clean... I love it!
[FYI, as a rule I don't use childrens names on my blog or website, so this is an alias :-)]

So if you've seen something cool, and wondered if it's available for your session, don't be shy- just ask! That's the beauty of working with a private photographer!

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