Sunday, July 18, 2010

{ Family Portraits } rochester, ny modern family portrait photographer

One of my most faithful client families (I think I've photographed them in some capacity 8 times in the past 2 years!) had their first outdoor family portrait session. It was pouring so hard on the drive out that I almost had to pull over... but when we arrived at the park, it was perfectly dry and overcast. Yay!

We started with some of the boys together.

Then we added in the little sister. I love the moment captured here.

Mom & dad's should always get a few of themselves too!

This little lady hasn't given me many smiles in 2010... we're hopeful that 2011 gets better :-) But wait what's this... I'm pretty sure she was only smiling at her big brother over my shoulder but I'll take it!

The boys are smiling literally because it was the last frame I was taking and they'd be DONE, haha!

Enjoy the preview you guys!!


Anonymous said...

They look great!! i cant wait to see the rest!


Jim, "Homer" said...

Very nice shots, I love the last family shot. They all look so relaxed.