Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ben: 6 week portraits

Ben is 6 weeks old today! I didn't plan to do a photo session with him (I mean come on, the poor kid doesn't need his portraits done every 2 weeks, lol) but I was setting up for another session I had this afternoon and I just couldn't resist trying out some new poses & ideas with him.

This hat is WAY too big but it is just too cute:

This is his regular winter hat that I got at Target for $1!

He was scrunching all over the place in the Boppy- he just wants to move! Gramma was right there as a spotter :-)

I'll be posting some images from the Client session tomorrow! It was a rare product session instead of portraits which is a fun change of pace.

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Jess said...

Denyse, he's getting so big already! I love the pics with Wiskers, down below. Glad your kitty is adjusting well to sharing you.